My New Man: Heythere47

I wish Speed Date would stop suggesting men to me.  Can it not see that I am otherwise unavailable and have no desire to meet Heythere47 or any of his skeevy bros?  It is times like these I feel the technology of social networking has gone too far.

Let's be honest, I'm a child of technology, but when facebook is constantly telling me that I should met lame and lamer, even though my profile distinctly states that I am taken, I begin to question facebook's intelligence.  But then again, when facebook's profile tailored adds scroll through on my boyfriend's account, they are definitely tailored to the gay man, so maybe I should give Heythere47 my number.  Maybe facebook think's I'm the man...

It is like twitter.  Yes, I care that Jen broke Johns heart.  I would rather read it on twitter than pay for a smutty magazine to read it second hand, so on some level twitter seems inventive.  No one cares what I ate for breakfast, but I probably tweeted about it just for kicks, because, like Speed Date, it is easy to ignore, until one day it isn't.

When that day comes, I will still probably be eating a grilled cheese sandwich, just incase you didn't want to know.