Ding Dong the Economy Ain't Dead

I was just out an about (among the cyberbots that is) and ran across a great blog column about the economy.  Granted, it isn't difficult considering every fifth entry is about our current suffering economy, which led me to wonder if businesses are really failing just because of the economy.

Personally, I spend my spare change on dinning out--ok, eating frozen yogurt, but still--and necessities like toilet paper, kinoki foot pads, and think thin bars (creamy peanut butter is the best, try it. seriously.) 
So thanks to people like me, local eateries are doing just fine. But then again, everyone has gotta eat.

But what about other places? We still need to wear clothes.  We still want to buy electronics.  Granted I don't want to buy them now that Circuit City is gone, but someday soon I will need too.  Face the facts.  We are American's--consumers by nature.  We can't really just blame business failure on the economy.  

Perhaps the average business man has lost his knack for the advertising world--we can't all be as sexy, smart, and lung cancer free as Don Draper.  Or, perhaps advertising just don't get to us the way it used to.  Ipod commercials were cool once, but now, not so much.

So who's fault is it?  Wallstreet? Bush? You? Me?

All I know, is whether we like it or not, everything can be caused by the economy's ability to earn a passing grade.

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Jess said...

I agree with your post.I just think some people like to blame the economy because its easier then blaming themselves...