Scratch and Sniff

The clock is ticking, less that 24 hours to find a date for tomorrows big evening of love, lust, and lots of booze.

So in one last attempt to nab the perfect date, Bobbi is going to give you a leg up with scents.

Everyone knows that the power of scent is incredibly strong from recalling memory to attracting a mate.

So...top three scents to attract a man:

Pumpkin Pie Spice Buy it here.
Doughnuts Baking Buy it here.
Vanilla Buy it here.

Top three scents that attract women:

Vanilla Buy it here
Peppermint Buy it here.
Black Licorice Buy it here.

Least attractive scents:

Men's cologne

So get sniffin' and good luck!


Dear Brutus

Recently I've found myself contemplating the political life of Brutus. I cannot count on two hands the number of times I have seen Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, so let me tell you, Brutus and I are pretty damn tight.

I've always wondered why the band of conspirator's had such faith in the man who easily could have been just like Caesar, and the whole stabbing ordeal seemed so nonchalant.

Did Brutus really want to take charge, or was he forced into it by encouraging, chickenshit pussies that just weren't man enough to confront Caesar themselves? And this whole confrontation business, was it the Roman thing to do, kill rather than confront? I know they liked to sacrifice slaves onstage in their epically bloody dramas, but maybe good ole Caesar would have backed down if people just gave him a chance instead of stabbing his guts out. Or maybe he was just a scary ass mother fucker that no one could confront. I'm not sure, but what I am sure of, is that Brutus gets a bad wrap. He gets the short end of the straw as a backstabbing murderer who loses his wife and has his servant do the deed whacking him.

Definitely definitely under appreciated. definitely.


How to Spot a Stud

V day is only days away. For some this means a night out on the town complete with roses and fine wine, for others it is a night at the movie with girlfriends and a few angry cocktails with extra olives. For others, it is a mad dash to grab a date in time for the big day.

So here are some scientifically proven signs that a fellow is interested:

a. smiling with eye contact--eye contact that lasts almost three seconds, but no more, then it is just creepy.
b. showing off pecks, puffing out chest, just like the birds on animal planet do.
c. "accidental" touching of potential partner...ooh no, you have some lint on your boob, let me get that for you!
d. genuine compliments.

A male with not totally initiate, they do need some indication from a female, so don't be afraid to give it a go.

For those looking for a lady, the tell-tale signs are as follows:
a. darting glances, averting eyes.
b. "accidental" touching...oh you spilled a little soup on your pants, let me clean that up for you!
c. touching face, giggling.
d. genuine compliments.

Now, hopefully you can have everything you want this v-day, and if not, you can at least have some laughs with your friends watching the rest of the bar crowd play the games of courtship.


Netflix Guilt

So I'm not a Jew, so the whole guilt thing isn't really my shtick, but I was recently informed of a little thing called "Nextflix Guilt."
And boy oh boy, am I guilty.

Netflix Guilt is said to be when one hangs on to a movie that has arrived from their cue, but for some reason cannot find it in themselves to watch it. For my boyfriend, it was Benjamin Button, and the excuses were endless. For me, it is currently Grey Gardens. It arrived on the 30th of December and sits quietly in its little white sleeve, just waiting. Its not like I don't have the time, I am currently watching St. Elmos Fire just to see Rob Lowe's earring, so if I've got time for man jewelry, I've got time more Grey Gardens.

I find the same problem on my instant cue. Nearly 200 movies that I have identified as wanted to watch for some reason or another, but every time I open the cue, I cannot find it in myself to watch them.

Why dear Netflix must you torture me so?


To be or Not to be in Limerence

Limerence: the involuntary emotional state of intense romantic desire for another person.

Today, I was informed that one can only be "in love" with a person for a maximum of 17 months. This is according to science. Science knows best. The average length or limerence is between 3 and 6 months. Then you break up and start the cycle all over again.

For some reason, I found this knowledge comforting. And I say this as a lie in bed gnawing on a chunck of chocolate, because according to Barbara Novak, chocolate is better than sex. No, but really.

I felt a huge weight. I find Limerence exhausting. All the wishing, waiting, wanting. It is all so time consuming. "OMG, he fist bumped my should, that totally means he wants to eat my box!"
No. seriously. The uncontrollable urge to want someone to lust you back is just too much to handle. Thank God it only lasts 3 months, and thank God it is normal to lose the feeling.

The best relationship I've ever had began limerence free. There was lust, but it was not all encompassing. I did not eat, breathe, and think about this fellow 24/7. There was no pressure.

The say limerence exists purely on hope and uncertainty. Thanks a lot Prometheus.


The Perfect Boot

Six minutes into the new day, and it's already got me down. Maybe it is because this week's Housewives reminded me that Rita is dead and Dexter will be a single dad serial killer. Or maybe this week's Brothers & Sisters reminded me that Rob Lowe still thinks he is better than every successful show he does. Maybe its the Oscar noms all going to Inglorious Bastards, or maybe it is because Howard Zinn is dead. It is probably just because I have to be up in six hours and I'm to bummed out to sleep.

So the one thing that always makes me feel better? Other than narcotics or a rum and dc?
The perfect cowboy boot.

And how, you might as does one identify the PERFECT cowboy boot?

M-Material. The best boot is ALWAYS real leather. Don't let the fake stuff fool you.
It may look good, but does it smell like leather?

A-Attention to detail. Is the sole actually stitched and made by hand,
or is faked with plastic?

G-Gut feeling. Do they make the butterflies flutter in your tummy?

I-Instep. Fit should really come after all of these others.
Why bother trying them on if they don't make the cut?

C-Cost. Don't think that wonderful shoes should cost an arm and a leg. My favorite boots were a mere $30.

Love the photos? Get them here.
Love the boots? Get them here.


The Salon in the Drug Store

So as most of the world knows, Longs is out and CVS is in. Now, at first I thought this just meant no more craft aisle--I totally used to love buying fabritac glue at midnight when the fabric store was closed, and of course it meant my worst nightmare had come true and the drugstore is now carpeted---I can't wait for the vomit stains and gum remnants, so hot. But no. It gets stranger.

Tonight I went to CVS. I needed duct tape and gum, but found myself draw to a mysterious doorway into an all white, non carpeted room. Wait a minute, it's not a room, it's a salon and beauty store. Like a legit beauty store. I stare in amazing, and say "waaah?" and a girl walks by me and says "yeah, I know, what the fuck?"

Turns out I'm just not as European trendy as I wish I could be. Beauty stores in drug stores is apparently all the rage over there. So this place is called Beauty 360 and they look like an operating room's version of Sephora. Now, I was too intimidated to walk around, but I did grab a flyer and it turns out you can go in any time for free samples and lessons, and get manicures with a purchase of nail products. Their motto is "a new vision of beauty." At first I didn't get it. If I want beauty, I want to seek it out. Then I stepped over the carpeted threshold to the CVS makeup aisle and the harsh florescent lighting made my dear friends Cover Girl and Mabelline look a little less beautiful.