I have had two true addictions in life: weight loss and peanut butter (in that order).

Towards the end of high school, in attempts to health up my diet, I went with the trends: low carb, high greens.  The result was around a ten pound loss.  My new shape and sugar free rush was amazing.  I began to obsess over eating healthier foods.  Leaner meats.  Less processing.  No chocolate.  I hadn't done drugs, but now knew I didn't need to, this was the best feeling of my life.

College hit. So did addiction number two.  I cannot truly explain the joy of eating peanut butter. Creamy or chunky, 100% or full of additives, it didn't matter.  I was no pb snob.  It was creamy and sweet, nutty and fabulous.  The only problem--it was never enough.  In class, I'd pull out a mini jar from the convenience store and a plastic fork--spoons were too easy.  I had to work for my pleasure.

Needless to say, 30 pounds plus, I quit. Cold turkey.  And quittin' ain't easy.

I am here today to fess up to my latest addiction: etsy.  I have become a slave to the internet's largest handmade community, and I need help.  Every day I sit in front of my screen, clicking, refreshing, hoping, praying, screaming in frustrating agony at my laptop.  I just cannot take my eyes away.  Only for moment like this and when my bladder beckons to I have the mental strength to change the page.

My name is Bobbi Noodle, and I'm an etsy addict.


The Bird's Eye said...

bobbie ... i just started making my etsy page today (per your advice) ... and now i'm sooo scared! should i start eating more peanut butter to balance things out?

my store is called: Birdie's Fotos ... link to follow soon ... once i get my act together.

much love!! xoxo!! (speaking of xoxo ... did you catch gossip girl? AMAZING!)

Bobbi Noodle said...

yes yes. it was amazing.
though i cannot help but constantly yell at blaire and chuck when they mess up.

Melissa said...

ummm I remember our pb days...loves it.

Anonymous said...

Great story. I also am an etsy addict.

cabin + cub said...

etsy is totally addicting!!... so much cool stuff to look at!

Anonymous said...

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