a world post v-day

Valentine's Day has passed. The chocolates are gone.  Hallmark has taken a breather.

Somehow I just feel a little less love in the world.
Do we love more between, say, Feb. 1st-14th?
Once the holiday ends do we as a culture return to our rude, loveless ways?

For example, lets take drivers.
Every morning I pull my car out of the world's most obnoxious driveway.  The week before Valentine's Day several drivers were kind enough to stop and let me into the chaotic line of cars.
Starting yesterday, however, my volvo and I got no such love.

So then do we just stop loving the world after the middle of February? If so, why not celebrate St. Valentine many times a year, hell, why not year round.  We could all use the chocolate.  It is an excellent source of antioxidants after all.


Jenny said...

So true, why do we feel the need to "Love" more or at least talk about it more between the 1-14 of Feb? Ohwell, tis life:)
I really like your blog, thanks for sharing it on my etsy thred tonight, I'm following!

nadiahandmade said...

I totally agree - I noticed more doors being held open for me too. Now, slapped in the face (not literally)...! Hallmark has really done a number on us I guess. Allis well and good though and I enjoyed reading your blog - I stayed updated :)