Cabinetry Conundrum

The onset of fall has led my boyfriend to dive into a furious frenzy of spring cleaning--he is from the east, so west coast "seasons" mean very little to him.  In a fit of rage at his bedrooms lack of storage capabilities, he demanded a late night trip to target.

The nonsensical remodel and renovation of my local target left us lost and confused in search of a filing cabinet.  We then realized target lacks such practical necessities as filing cabinets.  We weighed the pros and cons of a relatively inexpensive set of drawers, heaved them into the brand-new all-plastic cart, only to find a cheaper version the next aisle over.

An hour, $65, and a pack of low cal gatorade (quite possibly one of the greatest inventions of late) later we ripped the contents from the shelves box and began to throw it together.

I never knew carpentry could be a point of argument.  Oh how I have learned.  He wanted to read the pictograms, I wanted to build on instinct.  He stripped the screws, I flipped the top and bottom.  Two hours later our cabinet is nearly complete, our thumbs are sore from rogue hammer thrusts, and we realized that the jerkass company neglected to provide screw holes for the cabinets latch.  That was enough. we are suing. and quite possibly never buying ridiculously cheap furniture from target. ever. again.

and a memo to others who wish to have a date over a hammer, nails, and masonite--don't just don't do it. Hire a professional. Have Ikea assemble for you.  Splurge on pre-built stuff.  It won't save you money, but at least will prevent unnecessary headaches and heartaches.

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