Spring Cleaning

Obscenely warm weather and hard case of the sneezes have alerted my senses to the existence of spring. Once again the time has come to clear out the dust bunnies, scarp the old swimsuit thats elastic has the stretch of soggy spaghetti, and clean.

Why is it we choose spring as the time to rip open our closets, grab our skeletons, and stick them on the curb for the whole neighborhood to see? Wouldn't winter be a more appropriate season, when everyone is too cold to peer out their windows at their neighbors' dirty laundry?

It has been said that a person's living space be it bedroom, living room, office, or car reflects the place he/she is in in life. A messy room means a person's life has become scattered, and disorganized. Perhaps it too has developed the aroma of unwashed socks. Perhaps, this is what prompts the urge for a good April or May clean. But, what about people who are just messy? Is spring cleaning and the theory of house reflecting life not just a big fat insult to their way of life?

Maybe. Regardless, there is dust to bust and dirt to devil--best get scouring.

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