To Beard or not to Beard--Should Not Even be a Question

I recently encountered an old friend in the midst of facial hair experimentation. A normally beautiful face was now hideously distorted, as if a rat had clung onto his gorgeous chin and died.

This tragedy made me wonder, does facial hair EVER enhance a man's level of attractiveness? While i feel many older men, my father, Tom Selleck, and the post man would look rather silly and youthful without a bushy moustache, are they only on of the handfuls of an exception?

Perhaps the problem is grooming. Facial hair, like all hair, needs to be groomed, dead rats should be sleek and tamed like baby squirrels. If a man grows facial hair to avoid the pesky shave, then no doubt he will avoid the oh-so-necessary task of grooming said facial hair.

On the contrary, last night I encountered a guy with acceptable facial hair. He was a grunge hippy with red hair. His chin's dead rat was barely visible, giving him a rustic, mountain man look. It was one dead rat I didn't mind looking at.

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