The Wrath of Bobbi

Ok kids. Bobbi ain't pleased. Granted yesterday I spend the day photographing nearly sixty pairs of cowboy boots---yes orgasmic, I know, Today I put on my brand new western lace-ups--a miraculous deep eggplant, and I'm pretty sure I invented the phrase "putting on the wrong side of the shoe." Because I know for a fact that when I woke I was indeed on the proper side of the bed.

I spend the day toiling over a Mad Men esque party dress for a heftier lady. Don't get me wrong, She is a sexy beast, but I'm much better at making clothes for ladies with no boobs, no tummy, and no butt. After so serious meltdowns I decided to throw in the towel and start draping a kimono bathing suit for the chick. Apparently our director thinks it is wrong for fat girls to wear bathing suits that would not comply to Amish dress code.

So now I'm a little pissed, and I'm pretty sure my bathing kimono is pretty ugly, but I just don't give a damn, so I come home to a phone conversation ending in the rape of my checking account by the good people at CHASE, a sore wrist, and a nagging pain at the back of my skull telling me I gotta figure out my life, because it cannot be spent making garments to cover up women who aren't ashamed of what their momma gave them.

And if that isn't bad enough, 97% of Flixter users are excited for Wall Street 2. Seriously? At least it beat out the next Twilight by 2%. 2 fucking percent.

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Pattie said...

I actually read all of that! (which is not normal for me)

I'm sorry chase rapped your account :(

And, yea that is why my friend is no longer a fashion major...