Netflix Guilt

So I'm not a Jew, so the whole guilt thing isn't really my shtick, but I was recently informed of a little thing called "Nextflix Guilt."
And boy oh boy, am I guilty.

Netflix Guilt is said to be when one hangs on to a movie that has arrived from their cue, but for some reason cannot find it in themselves to watch it. For my boyfriend, it was Benjamin Button, and the excuses were endless. For me, it is currently Grey Gardens. It arrived on the 30th of December and sits quietly in its little white sleeve, just waiting. Its not like I don't have the time, I am currently watching St. Elmos Fire just to see Rob Lowe's earring, so if I've got time for man jewelry, I've got time more Grey Gardens.

I find the same problem on my instant cue. Nearly 200 movies that I have identified as wanted to watch for some reason or another, but every time I open the cue, I cannot find it in myself to watch them.

Why dear Netflix must you torture me so?


The Bird's Eye said...

i love reading your rants. you're the best. hands down.



Milk And Honey said...

hahaaa this happens to me too!!!! It happens with movies I want to tell people I've seen but that I don't actually want to watch. Grey Gardens was very well done though, you'll probably love it!