How to Spot a Stud

V day is only days away. For some this means a night out on the town complete with roses and fine wine, for others it is a night at the movie with girlfriends and a few angry cocktails with extra olives. For others, it is a mad dash to grab a date in time for the big day.

So here are some scientifically proven signs that a fellow is interested:

a. smiling with eye contact--eye contact that lasts almost three seconds, but no more, then it is just creepy.
b. showing off pecks, puffing out chest, just like the birds on animal planet do.
c. "accidental" touching of potential partner...ooh no, you have some lint on your boob, let me get that for you!
d. genuine compliments.

A male with not totally initiate, they do need some indication from a female, so don't be afraid to give it a go.

For those looking for a lady, the tell-tale signs are as follows:
a. darting glances, averting eyes.
b. "accidental" touching...oh you spilled a little soup on your pants, let me clean that up for you!
c. touching face, giggling.
d. genuine compliments.

Now, hopefully you can have everything you want this v-day, and if not, you can at least have some laughs with your friends watching the rest of the bar crowd play the games of courtship.

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norfolkpirate said...

If only we all got old-fashioned courtship from amazing bakers!