I Put Some New Shoes On Today

Dear Blogosphere, Bobbi has a confession to make. Today I bought a pair of Reebok Easy Tones. Please, hold your giggles, your chocolate milks is gonna shoot out your nose, and boy does that hurt.

So I did it, I was seduced by the commercial of the skinny bitch with the nice butt who says my butt will look like hers if I wear her shoes.

Lady Foot Locker was possibly the most horrifying experience of my life, especially when the lady untied the shoes and tried to put them on my feet---I'm not a cripple here lady, I just want some trendy exercise shoes. She then added "you can't run in them, you'll twist an ankle." Oh darn. Another pair of shoes I can't run in. Aw shucks.

So now I'm wearing them, and I feel like I'm walking on sand, and my but doesn't hurt yet, and my feet only look mildly stupid. So $100 bucks later I find myself sitting, looking at my nice new shoes, wanting to run.


Chelle said...

found you from the etsy forum post!

Man, I hate those commercials! They make me want those shoes. And you can't run in them? I thought that was the point? Oh well... An epic win for some advertising and marketing group, I suppose. :)

Erin said...

Ooo, those looked kinda interesting... You'll have to keep us posted on how it goes!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Nancy said...

Well, I won't go buy the shoes but I will follow this hilarious blog I just happened upon! Thanks for the laughs, Bobbi Noodle! January needs people like you.

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