The Summer of Sleep

Blair and Chuck are together.  A Top Model was crowned.  It is nearly Father's Day.  If I were a mathematician or detective, here is where I would derive the onset of summer.  And here is where I should come upon the usual wealth of emotions that accompany my second favorite season: regret for not exercising, relief the school year has ended, and contempt for the sudden lack of fog.  (Maybe some day I'll relocate to a cooler climate)

But, here, in what I now must admit as the thick of summer's beginning, I find myself sleepless in--well, not Seattle.  
There is no feeling of relaxation.  My joy for the Blair-Chuck affair has faded, my rose glasses have come off, and I find myself stuck to Dawson's Creek re-runs, a tub of fro-yo, and the couch.

With this lack of emotion I have begun to wonder if the beauty of summer and the magic I once felt this time of year is just something that fades with age.  I swear it used to feel just like the intro to the Wonder Years--sprinkler on the lawn, backyard bbq, smiles.  Where have they all gone. 
Maybe it is because I traded in trips to the ice cream man for a discount tub of Dryers, or the fact that pool is too cold, the weather too warm, and disappearing into television from the 90's seems so comforting, that I have just traded my old comforts for new.

Things change.  But then again, if Blair and Chuck prove anything, it is that anything is possible, so tomorrow, I work on my bikini-bod just incase. 

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The Bird's Eye said...

come visit me ... i'll make it all summery for you!! :)

and it's totally foogggggyyy right now in sf ... haha!

or maybe i'll just have to come see you ...

(p.s. liam is in a band and he's performing tomorrow ... you should come up and see the show :)