Theory of the Lost

I'm finding myself lost in theory without attention.  At first I defended my state as a day dream, but have since realized that hour after hour of social, political, economical, plain old boring thought must be theory.  I once read that people constantly practice theory and don't even know the term.  It's like practicing feminism, without knowing the meaning of the word.  

 This rose my curiosities, why does Ashton Kutcher have more Twitter followers than CNN? Why do either of them have any?  Who really cares to read what anyone ate for lunch? (I of course had a grilled cheese sandwich)  And moreover why can't I stop ponder these thoughts?  

Here is where I get stuck in the catch-22 of theory, theory cannot exist without these questions, and questions are what lead to theory, they are as hand-in-hand as Zach and Vanessa, PB & J, AM & PM, or me, Bobbi Noodle and her over active imagination. 


Anna said...

Ashton is adorable. Admit it.

Bobbi Noodle said...

Adorable, but worthy of all of my attention, unless he felt like leaving his wife, then no.

kim* said...

twitter is funny, wait this world is funny lol

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