Clean Up for the Cheap and Lazy

Got the ironing board blues?

Take your slightly unsightly blouse and trousers into the bathroom during your morning shower. Hang them on the outside of the shower curtain, away from any fly away suds. The steam from the shower will help release wrinkles and make the time-tested 30 second "hand ironing" more effective.

Scuffed pumps?

Attack shoe blemishes with a tube of toothpaste and paper towel. Buff away the scuff in a matter of minutes, and reap the benefits of clean shoes and minty toes.

Foggy mirror?

If the fog from your morning shower (or ironing) slows down your makeup and hair routine, try applying some of your man's shaving cream to the mirror. Rub a small amount all over the mirror, and wipe clean with a towel. The thin layer will prevent the mirror from fogging so you can prevent your makeup from the dreaded Picasso face.

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